Thursday, March 27, 2008

5 Little Flowers

Once upon a time, there live 5 little flowers, and each of them has a little story to be told. One day, the gardener decided to plant his 5 flowers somewhere else because their pot is too small for them to live in. "Hey mister, can I have one of those flower?", said a voice below the gardener. It was a little boy, with a smile on his face, pointing the red flower. "Why not, make sure you take good care of her, fill her with plenty of love, and she will repay you with hundreds of more flowers for you", replied the gardener. So, the little boy happily receive the flower and skip merrily back home. The rest of the 4 flowers were planted in the garden. I'd wanted to end this story a happy ending...truth to be told..there is another side of the story, a darker version, to tell...

The red flower is enjoying her life with her new owner. The little boy water her, feed her, put her under the sun but, this lifestyle didn't go on for too long. The little boy started to mistreated the red flower. The boy started scolding her, saying, " Why can't you grow any faster and bloomed for me?! I fed you, watered you, even put you outside the sun! What more, I gave you all the love that you need! Is this how you repay your master?!". The red flower pleaded forgiveness, feeling guilty for not fulfilling her master's wishes. And so, she tried her best to bloom and grow till few weeks later, she finally did it. The little boy was very happy and so is the red flower. Sometimes it's hard for the red flower to satisfied her master's needs.

= To be continued=

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