Monday, August 10, 2009

Lalala, full of rants

1. Emo coz of Gene this morning. ( well, practically been emo-ing for a month already)
2. Don't like what I'm doing.
3. I'm becoming more to be an angry person than a calm one now
4. I can't stop thinking about the future.
5. I have alot of mix emotion bottle inside me.
6. Sunway is stupid.
7. The One is even stupider.
8. Being stuck in this room is stupid and suffocating.
9. I'm too quiet for my own good.
10. I have to pass up my animation in 4 hours time.
11. I hate my bloody face.
12. *colorful words*
13. Confidence lvl is like 5%
14. I hate my time management problem...
15. Hurting myself is not an option
13. Sorry for the rants...

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