Monday, January 25, 2010


Almost every night, always having this sort of vivid dreams. Last night, I dreamed I have cancer and I lived by the beach, my whole lorong in Taman Milek is covered in beach sand and there's the sea at end of was weird but beautiful...damn, and I have cancer in that dream...ain't it vivid. I have so many things caught up inside me and I'm sliding backwards. I sometimes just need to cry, to let out whatever been eating me up, but that just leaves only temporary relief and comfort, so I don't bother, it'll just gives me another headache. I get massive headaches after I cry, weird right? How time flies by so quickly, I'd already graduated, and soon in need to find a job, going to the next stage of becoming an adult. It's a scary step for moves on. It sucks when one don't have a driving license *points to self*..can't go to interesting sucks egg....

Thank God for healing up my eczema once and for all, and thank Him for introducing Dr. Wong & Saroja in my life...but I'm sliding back, which I'm trying hard not to...

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