Monday, February 11, 2008

Choco Fest

Today, hahahaha, is an ok day. Get to uke-fied Eugene >=3, went out to yam cha with K.w, yuki, Gene, Juwita and Elaine at Starbucks. Cizy went to the hospital to check out her wound so she can't join us to yam cha-ing...Later on, I went to Gene's house to get the plank for my bed cause he broke the wood that's underneath my bed (accidently broke it)...mehh. Then night time fall, and we all went to watch was an ok movie, hehehe. The alien reminds me of Ultraman with it's blinking red light XDDD...Found out that Ciz was not feeling "well", known it since afternoon, and cheer her up with the chocolate that i brought back from my hometown, hehehe, me and her havin choco fest xD, i hope the choco is enough to cheer-ified u up =D
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