Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy V-day!

Lolz, Happy V-day to everyone!!! Hahaha, Eugene is so sweeet~~~ he made me onigiris {with the help of yuki and kw}*happy happy*

and also pasta {with kw's help]*huggless mucho*

I gave him the toast that I made for him, hehehehe.

After that, we went to Sunway to get dessert and jln2 there, lolz, we terserempak with Danny, Helmi and TingWei they all. Hahaha, they were all shock seeing me wearing something so feminine, lolz-neshh XDXD

Walk sini, walk sana, got bored already, then about to go back to my house, decided to watch a movie just to kill time cause it was still early. Went there to watch "Dan in Real Life". Lolz, again, t'serempak with Eric, hahaha, long time din see him, I was at the ticket counter there, i din notice him calling my name, hahaha, he was also shock, seeing me wearing so feminine, hahahahXDXDXD. Funny lar all their expression. After the movie,I give Eugene another "surprise", an Ayanami Rei figurine


which he has been "hinting" for few times =p, hahaha, he was squealing like a girl, later, went yam-chaing with Yuki, K.w and Ciz at 7 Star, not at Friendster {I ter-heard wrong, hahaha, got the shock of my life}

Hehehe, then tomorrow night , going to watch "Jumper" =D. Happy V-day again, to my family, friends, and to meh Uke XD

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