Saturday, February 16, 2008


Today went to Ikea with Cizy this afternoon { hahahaha, finally we know how to get there, >=3}. Went to Kl Central, eat out lunch there, which is Kenny Rogers...hahaha, there's a waiter there is kinda weird, when we ask for the bill, he didn't put down the bill, he holds it Oxolll, okkkk, anyways, we take LRT to Kelana Jaya there to take the Ikano Shuttle Bus. Cizy bought a table lamp, same as I did, and she bought a pillow there too, but she can't find the pillow that I have, I bought a pillow case for my pillow, hehehe. Tis a perty blue case with swirly patterns on it. Then later on, we went to eat at Baskin Robbin. L-o-L-ness...Cizy almost drop her ice-cream, hahahahaha XDXD. Went to Borders cause I wanted to buy manga there....sadly can't buy alot cause I don't have enough money, so I bought only one. And is time for us to go back, hahaha, tiring day....and I haven started Yoshiki's Onigiri yet.......OXOlll

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