Saturday, February 9, 2008

Enjoying the day

Hahaha, had a reunion with meh 2 best-neshh, Joanna and Nave.  This afternoon went to Jo's house to teach them make plushies. They wanna make for their bf's...hehehe, so sweet. Hahaha, Jonas is sooooo biiiiigggg XD, healthy kid XD. Anyways, Nave makin Harnil a love plushie and Jo's makin hers a random cute plushie for Jake. Hahaha, mine, hehehe, is a secret, muehehehehe. Then later on, we went to Citymall to checkout if the plush shop is open or not but sadly is still close. Next, went to my house coz havin a open house, heheh. Good food, gonna miss it =(  2morrow going back to Selangor in the morning. Missing my parents and stimketeers already :(

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